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Grace & Peace, Alli V.



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Whatchu want? Baby I got it!

Hello there friends of Alli-Art! I just wanted to let you know that while I keep a journal of all of my ideas for series and gifts for family/friends, I am open to new custom pieces!

I plan on doing the following series:

~Fruit of the Spirit (Each individual fruit is actually already painted out on water color, but I’d like to do it on canvas and group all of them together)

~The full Armor of God(When it is completed, it would be a great to put near a closet, or wherever you get ready as a great reminder that we do not only need to put on earthly clothing, but spiritual armor!)

~Beauty products/tools…just for fun with scriptures on remembering about true beauty along with the fun things we ladies like to do to make ourselves feel better:)

~Monograms! The background and letter can be as simple or extravagant as you want it to be!

~Children’s room paintings. As you’ve probably noticed, I did some paintings for my sons to hang in their rooms.  I can paint the canvas to match the theme of your child’s room with a favorite quote or verse of blessing,etc.

~Occupation paintings. Know a computer technician,seamstress,doctor,artist,teacher, pastor,chef,SAHM,WAHM,editor,nurse,hairstylist,etc that could use a smile? Let me create something that has to do with their occupation that they can hang wherever they wish:)

~Window paintings. I have done lots of those:)  From beach scenes, to grassy fields, lakes, outer space!!! I can do that!

~ETC! I’m open to other suggestions.  I can do anything from really ‘cartoony’ to ‘realistic’, ‘simple’ to ‘extravagant’, you name it and I will do my very best to put a smile on your face:D


Thank you for the continued support.


Alli V.

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